Senior and Virtual student device returns

Senior and Virtual student device returns
CCMHS media center

All library obligations including books, fines and equipment must be resolved with the media center before leaving for the summer. Library fines and fees are now being communicated by email. See the media staff if you have any questions.

Your chromebooks, chargers and covers must be returned to the MEDIA CENTER before leaving for the summer! 

Seniors, on Friday, May 19th, a list will be turned in of students that have failed to return your device, components or financial payment if the device has been lost or damaged, and those students will not be allowed to participate in the graduation.

Virtual students, on Monday, May 22nd, any students that have failed to return your device, components or financial payment if the device has been lost or damaged will not be allowed to continue with Edgenuity classes or receive your grade report. If you are transferring schools next year, your transcript may be held.

Procedure for Chromebook returns:

  • All devices need to be returned to Mrs. Yaughn in the media center on Wednesday, May 10th, or Monday, May 15th, or Friday May 19th between 8:30-11:00 and 1:00-3:00. No device returns between 11:00-1:00.
  • Bring your device, charger and cover to the media center.
  • Take your device out of its cover.
  • Be sure the device is charged ahead of time.  It will need to be powered on and inspected for wear and tear and functionality upon return. Refer to this document for details about damage costs.
  • Because each individual device will need to be checked and verified for functionality, you may have to wait in line for your return to be processed. Please plan to wait if necessary.

Students may pay fines and return library books anytime between now and the end of school.

All chromebooks must be turned in before leaving for the summer!

Once done with all final assignments and exams on the last week of school, students in grades 9-11 should return their chromebook, case and charger to their advisor for the summer. Advisors will check kids off and turn in a list of kids who fail to comply. In the Fall, each student will receive their own device and charger back from their advisor during the first week of school. Advisors will receive masking tape for students to place their names on the device, cover, and the charger. Any student using an old loaner in place of a damaged device must turn that in, along with your case and charger to the media center during the last week of school!

Any students who have a lost or damaged device, charger, or case need to take care of payment for those items before the end of the year. Failure to do so may result in a hold on your grade report, your ability to register for summer school or your final transcript if you move to another school.

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