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Please welcome Dr. Aaron Randall - our newly appointed principal of Crawford County Middle High School!


Dr. Randall brings a wealth of experience and a warm, family-oriented approach to his leadership. A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Randall's journey in education has taken him from South Florida to the heart of Georgia, where he has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless students over the past 21 years. He has held various positions in the field, ranging from teacher to coordinator to assistant principal.


At the helm of CCMHS, Dr. Randall brings a refreshing perspective that emphasizes the importance of unity and togetherness. He believes in fostering a sense of teamwork and family within the school's community, ensuring that every student, teacher, and staff member feels valued and supported. With a strong focus on both academic excellence and community involvement, Dr. Randall envisions CCMHS as a place where students not only receive an outstanding education but also learn the values of collaboration and giving back.


Beyond his role as an educational leader, Dr. Randall proudly embraces his identity as a self-proclaimed 'nerd.' His enthusiasm for all things Star Wars, Marvel, and DC comics is not a secret. This unique passion has a way of captivating both students and staff, making him approachable and relatable to the diverse community at CCMHS.


Dr. Randall's family is his anchor, and he is the proud father of triplets. When he's not guiding the future of CCMHS, you can find him spending quality time with his loved ones, engrossed in home projects, or relaxing on the couch playing video games.