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CCHS Summer Reading Challenge





Georgia’s Summer Reading Challenge is designed to raise awareness of the summer reading loss epidemic. According to research studies, reading loss occurs for most children when they are not in a formal learning environment or not engaged in any form of educational activities during the summer. Shockingly, students can have up to a 2-3 month loss in reading ability over summer. In addition, rural area students lack easy access to reading materials. 


Reading loss CAN be minimized, however. Research also shows that reading during the summer can prevent reading loss and some students may even show some growth in their reading ability. To do our part in helping our students, CCHS will be hosting our own summer reading challenge to encourage our students to read every day during the summer break. This is an optional reading program for students in grades 9-12. Beginning June 7 and ending July 30 we are encouraging students to read every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Log your reading on the CCHS Summer Reading Challenge “I FINISHED a book” Reading Log . Return your reading log to Ms. Victoria Brown or to your English teacher upon returning to school in August. Students who read at least 3 books between June 6-July 29 will spin the prize wheel and have their names entered into a raffle for a prize basket worth $100


Don’t have a large selection of books? No problem! See the following chart of print and digital books for free access to materials! Need ideas for books? Go to the following website for a great list of book choices!

Happy Reading! 

Brandi Lowe, Academic Coach